Back in 1858, Conte Nicollo Annino was captivated by the beauty of Platis Gialos Beach. He acquired Platis Gialos piece by piece, as well as the surrounding area and grew Robola vines on the rocky slopes of the hills, which surrounded the bay. In 1965, more than one hundred years later, the idea of offering philoxenia in a luxury hotel above the panoramic bay was conceived by his granddaughters Penelope, Lena and Nelly.

The resort complex was designed by Nikos Valsamakis, an award winning architect whose work marked the evolution of contemporary Greek architecture. All spaces featured harmonious proportions, lack of excess, open plans and a natural blend of indoor and outdoor spaces. In 1974, the brand new White Rocks Hotel opened its doors for the first time to its guests from across the globe.

From 2009 to 2013 the White Rocks luxury Hotel underwent a meticulous and thorough renovation, that set a new standard for what we like to call “elegant island chic” with the White Rocks trademark. The resort complex was fully refurbished and equipped with contemporary furniture, fiber to the room technology, and is now driven by a clear environmental sensitivity. The hotel now managed by the third generation of the Anninos family, still conveys the vision of its founding members for peaceful, memorable and authentic philoxenia.